Established in 2018, The Pineapple Express (TPE) is an Australian Veteran Community Organisation that began with satirical posts, but has grown into a mechanism for mental health support and advocacy for veterans and currently serving ADF personnel - this is the story of The Pineapple Express.

Our Mission

At TPE, our goals are simple: we are committed to increasing morale and providing essential support for former, current, and future ADF personnel and their families. Leveraging our vast connection and networking capabilities, we strive to build a resilient community that stands strong, supporting each other through every endeavour, and breaking down the stigma on mental health. United as a community, no one stands alone.

Our intent is to advocate for policy changes and conduct community outreach initiatives and educational campaigns to raise awareness about the challenges that veterans encounter, including the critical issue of veteran suicide. Through these concerted efforts, we aim to create a supportive environment that addresses the community's needs.

To date we have raised over $130,000.00 and supported numerous veterans and veteran organisations.

Co-founders/ Administrators

Coming from different ranks (OR and Officer), Corps backgrounds, roles, and operational experiences - we understand the unique struggles faced by veterans and current serving personnel. Although we come from diverse backgrounds, we share a common purpose.

The Logo

Our logo, the Pineapple Skull (a.k.a "Tippy"), carries significant symbolism unique to Australian Defence personnel. 

The pineapple was chosen to be part of the logo as it is a well-recognised term used within the military. The term “taking the pineapple” is a colloquial expression to describe being tasked with a challenging or unfavourable task, often without much choice or alternative options. It signifies embracing a difficult responsibility or undertaking despite its demanding nature or perceived disadvantages. This phrase encapsulates the spirit of larrikinism, resilience, and determination within the community, where members face obstacles head-on, displaying unwavering resolve to accomplish their duties, even in the face of adversity.